Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue, Berlin

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So/ Berlin Das Stue

Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue
Gift card for So/ Berlin Das Stue

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A Germany Road Trip to Bauhaus Landmarks
24th June 2019
The Bauhaus, the influential German school of Modernist design founded by Walter Gropius, whose members included architects such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, existed for only 14 years before the Nazi regime shut it down and its founders fled Germany. Yet the school's ethos — a
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Germany travel: Berlin accommodation guide
2nd June 2019
A h, the panic year ... when the chance to move overseas is now or never. With a relatively similar culture and English-speaking language, London has always been the classic choice.. But another contender is starting to jostle as a potential home away from home, and it’s slightly further east. Any
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The best places to stay in Berlin, Germany
2nd May 2019
As you would expect from a vibrant, popular, and diverse city like Berlin, you can find every type of accommodation here, from sumptuous five-stars and bolthole boutiques to buzzy backpackers and longer-stay apartments. Good options of all kinds are to be found all over the city these days, so be
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Culture Without The Crowds: The World’s Most Exclusive VIP Tours
9th April 2019
Fancy dinner among the treasures of the Pharaohs? A date with da Vinci? A visit to regal Versailles?. Most iconic sights and monuments are littered with tourists. But if you look hard enough, it’s possible to find a way to experience them without. Read on for a few ideas of VIP
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We Heart
Das Stue, one of Berlin's original design hotels, going strong 10 years on
22nd March 2019
The exterior of Das Stue in Berlin‘s diplomatic quarter has such a sense of classical stately authority that it feels like a perfect film location—wartime generals pulling up outside in an extravagantly skirted Mercedes-Benz, marching inside with secret plans and diplomatic pouches to plot the next phase of operations.. Built in
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VOGUE France
Guide des bonnes adresses de Vogue à Berlin
22nd September 2018
Soho House. Véritable institution à Berlin, ce Soho House est l'un des premiers hôtels de Nick Jones. Confortablement installé dans le quartier de Mitte, le magnat de l’hôtellerie british a jeté son dévolu sur un ancien building industriel, mué, en un hôtel à la décoration Bauhaus. Mixe de décor brut et
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The New York Times
What to Do in Berlin, According to 6 Locals
23rd August 2018
Buchhandlung Walther König. Stacks of massive art, design, photography and fashion books line the walls of Walther König, which also stocks hard-to-find style magazines and journals. “Next to Museum Island in Mitte, it’s one of the greatest art bookstores in the world,” says Koch. There’s also a collection of rare, out-of-print
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Condé Nast Traveller
The Hot List 2013
8th December 2017
Amanzo'e, Porto Heli, Greece. Amanzo'e, Porto Heli. Last autumn's opening of Aman's third Mediterranean hotel was an immediate success. And the location has everything to do with it: the Argosaronic Gulf of the Peloponnese being both beautiful and home to the superyachts of Greek shipping magnates. Another element that makes it work
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What's new in Berlin?
8th December 2017
The German capital might have a fascinating history, but hip hoteliers, foodies and members of Berlin's burgeoning art world are transforming some of the city's old monuments into trendy new hangouts.... Judische Madchenschule Was: A Jewish girls' school. Now: A new cultural hotspot with contemporary galleries, a Weimar-style restaurant and a
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Susanne Kaufmann's favourite escapes
8th December 2017
Susanne Kaufmann. On her home. 'Growing up in Bregenzerwald, there were plenty of opportunities to do all kinds of sports. I really like to combine skiing with eating good food and time to chill out. I regularly run in the forest, and go ice-skating and mountain-biking, depending on the season. We have
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Condé Nest Traveler Spain
Hoteles españoles en Berlín para dormir como en casa
24th April 2017
H10 Ku'Damm. H10 KU'DAMM . Las tiendas de lujo y todas las demás se encuentran en la avenida Kurfürstendamm. Y en una de las calles que desembocan en ella se encuentra este hotel español que juega a la fusión tanto en su estilo arquitectónico como en la carta de sus restaurantes.
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Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Which Should You Book for Your Honeymoon?
6th January 2017
Distance Covered: 115 miles. Why go: With amazing farm-to-table restaurants and refreshed hotels, this quintessential summer escape is about more than just lobster rolls and blueberry pie (though we love those, too!). While this drive doesn't cover the same kind of ground as the others, southern Maine is too romantic and
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These Are the 83 Top Hotels Around the World
6th October 2016
Below a handy list of every hotel mentioned in our 170 day Grand Tour.. The Ham Yard, London. Firmdale's latest London opening is ideally situated between the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly and Soho on a quiet wee street with a great open courtyard. The hotel boasts a lovely rooftop garden area
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22nd June 2016
From Australia to Croatia, plan your summer vacation with these music weekenders in mind .. You don’t have to be a vinyl junkie to know that the business of music festivals has boomed louder than a kick drum in the past few years. Due to a perfect storm of social-media buzz,
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Das Stue
15th April 2016
Archi : Foster + Partners prépare l’avenir de Beverly Hills L’omniprésent cabinet britannique vient de dévoiler son plan XXL pour la transformation des quartiers du Hilton et...
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Architectural Digest
How to Spend a Weekend Getaway in Berlin
11th April 2016
Berlin has long had a reputation for being one of the more constantly evolving European capitals, which also makes it one of the most interesting, with edgy restaurants, hotels, and shops emerging at breakneck pace. For the more refined traveler (who isn’t here to party until dawn), there are sophisticated
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An Insider’s Travel Guide to the Best Culture and Curiosities in Berlin
23rd February 2016
Berlin’s southern neighborhood of Schöneberg is home to many outstanding galleries, many of which have popped up in the burgeoning area only in the last couple of years. One of the spaces—located inside of an old building that was once the Tagesspiegel newspaper printing and packaging facility—is a gallery for
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The Sexiest Hotel Bars
12th February 2016
As Valentine’s Day approaches, one thing becomes clear: there’s nothing sexier than being away from home and every day worries by traveling to a romantic spot. Maybe it’s in a dramatic space atop a big city luxury hotel, with sweeping views and twinkling lights all laid out in front of
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Luxe City Guides
SO/ Berlin Das Stue, Berlin: Room With A View
22nd January 2016
Named after the Danish word for ‘living room’, Berlin’s Das Stue is indeed an elegant home away from home – that is, if your home is a 1930s heritage building stunningly spruced by none other than Patricia Urquiola.. Post Patty’s wand wave, the former Royal Danish Embassy is now every inch
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Architectural Digest
8 Stunning Historic Hotels With Ultramodern Interiors
5th November 2015
Das Stue, Berlin. The hotel’s 80 rooms and suites, as well as its bar, restaurants, and spa, share a bold and playful style, from the copper pots hanging above a long table in its Michelin-starred Mediterranean eatery to the leather animals that Urquiola placed amid furnishings of her own design, referencing
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TravelAge West
Ideal Itinerary: 48 Hours in Berlin
26th October 2015
Berlin is a city full of contradictions. Remnants of a war-torn past clash with western modernity; German hipsters and immigrants convene in public parks to play games of soccer; and a multicultural outdoor space, complete with beach bar and sand, serves up jerk chicken. Amidst all these differences is the
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The Best Hotels For Art Lovers
14th October 2015
Turn your next stopover into a private view with these carefully curated destinations.. Art is a language that, when spoken without proper consideration, loses its beauty as a living, breathing form of communication. The hotel lobby is somewhere in which this becomes abundantly clear. More often than not, while checking into
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Business Insider
This 5-star hotel is serving up $112 meals to kids — complete with sparkling grape juice
10th October 2015
Das Stue, a 5-star luxury hotel in Berlin is serving up exquisite meals to unlikely consumers — children. From Wagyu filet to tapas, these chefs are not holding back for a supposedly "unsophisticated" palate.. Produced by Emma Fierberg. . Follow BI Video: On Facebook
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Hideaway Report
Hideaway Report
8th July 2015
94 Editor Rating. Scale of 90-100. Tucked away down a quiet lane on the western edge of Berlin’s Tiergarten, this chic 78-room limestone hotel was formerly the Royal Danish Embassy. Interiors by Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola feature a gallery-like décor with striking museum-quality contemporary art and photography. Handsomely designed rooms are divided
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Travel + Leisure
Berlin Today: Downright Grown-Up and Increasingly Upscale
13th February 2015
It was back in the mid 1990s when I first started to hear what a cool place Berlin was. “Cool,” meaning that, among the members of my social circle in New York City, the ones with the most interesting tattoos and grants from prestigious arts institutions were running off to
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Culture Trip
Top 10 Restaurants In Charlottenburg, Berlin
21st October 2014
Being a child again! A wonderful desert course @glassberlin. The chef #GalBenMoshe is sensibly tuned in to the inner whispers of his imagination. He is a true Artist. And #Glassberlin in Charlotternburg is a must ( particularly for the Michelin inspectors). #glassberlin #finedining #finefood #bestchefs #bestdessert #gourmetinberlin #artistchefs #michelin. A photo
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Vanity Fair France
Les plus beaux hôtels de Berlin Allemagne
8th July 2014
DR / Hotel Adlon. Hôtel Adlon. . Caviste et restaurateur renommé de Berlin, Lorenz Adlon se fait construire un hôtel en 1907 sur l’avenue Unter den Linden, considérée comme « Les Champs-Elysées de Berlin ». Louise Brooks, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich et Joséphine Baker y séjournent dans l’entre-deux-guerres. Épargné par les bombardements pendant
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Hip Berlin hotels: Six of the best
23rd May 2014
NHOW BERLIN. Do not be fooled by the tranquil view of the River Spree offered by the lobby's floor-to-ceiling windows: this is not the place for those seeking a quiet life. That drum kit and electric guitar elsewhere in the lobby are not for show: guests are invited to try their
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The Venue Report
Berlin Germany is a new hotspot for travel, events and the "Silicon Valley" of Europe
13th May 2014
Berlin, has had a lot of hype as the new "Silicon Valley of Europe", with even Google and Etsy recently opening up offices here. Startups have had maddening success in Berlin and all of this buzz brings along hot hotels, restaurants, and cool fashion with it. This has all thrown
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So/ Berlin Das Stue
Drakestrasse 1, Berlin
52.509899°N 13.346090°E

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24 hour reception
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So/ Berlin Das Stue

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Check in: 1500   Check out: 1200

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24-hour front desk / Bell staff/porter / Free high speed internet connection / Indoor pool / Laundry/Valet service / Lounges/bars / Multilingual staff / Pets allowed / Pool / Safe deposit box / Sauna / Spa